Moving Upstream

From reverence to ignorance, we live in an age where the idea of co-existence will supposedly hit home only when there’s nothing left to destroy or fight over. Great civilisations have flourished on the banks of rivers across the world, bringing to life and supporting generations of people and their needs. A sincere enquiry is all that is required to realise the plight of our rivers and notice our appalling treatment of them. The ‘Moving Upstream’ series is an attempt to document the stories of the rivers of India, bringing out a first person narrative of the river’s condition and life of the people of the basin.

The Ganga basin accounts for 26% of the Indian land mass and serves 40% of the country’s population. With the importance that this river holds in the country, it was clear that we need to start from the obvious and then work towards getting the forgotten into the mainstream. A 3000km walk starting in June 2016, will see us walking upstream of the river along it’s banks from the ocean near Sagar island in West Bengal to the glaciers around Tapovan in Uttarakhand.

We’re looking to collaborate with good people (athletes, artists, techies, social or media organisations, etc) for this project, and if this interests you in any manner please write to us at

You can contribute to the project here:

Illustration by Soumya Pachigolla @ Glitchworks

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Media Coverage

Since the time that we launched this project, we’ve been spoken about in the media a few times. Here are a few links:

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We’ve been able to share our learnings through different mediums to reach out to a wider audience, links here: