Tea breaks, Agriculture, On The Road, Day 3 + 4


The frequency of stops has somehow increased by a lot, almost every other person on the road now wants to stop and ask/discuss about what is happening. Having a multitude of cameras around you just adds up to the inquisition quotient of people.

Things that people say range from ‘why are you taking a picture of this place’ (as if scared by the possibility that we’re reporters for the media or some private contractor) to ‘I could recognize at first glance that you’re doing this for a good cause’ (for some this good cause was religion, for others it was social good). No matter what questions came in, they were never without the curious aspect of trying to know what we were upto.

So, for your curiosity, here are the details for days 3 and 4, followed by a few picture updates.

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Through this trip and the insane amount of walking that we’re doing, we’re working with Rang De,  aiming to help raise a low interest working capital loan loan for Urmul Marusthali Bunkar Vikas Samiti. With every step taken and stories encountered, it becomes clearer how important it is for us to improve access to low cost credit for people. It has been without fail a continuously recurring topic of distress for people we meet every day.

For all people who do make an investment through the fundraiser page for the walk, link for which is availbale here, Siddharth will be personally visiting the UMBSV campus in Jaisalmer after the walk and will get live stories to share with all social investors. You can even join him on a live streaming from the UMBSC campus, seeing with your own eyes the resources and people that you’re helping live a better life.

Visit here to make an investment, help change lives.

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Every day, every step is a journey to a series of realizations and learnings, how badly corrupted our public distribution systems and machineries are, how ignorant still we are of the condition of our farmers and village folks, how infrastructure development takes much higher priority than people’s lives and more. We urge young people to go out and learn more about such problems, that is when solutions to such problems will come up. We at Veditum will be more than happy to support such journeys, this, is what we do.

As we walk across Rajasthan, collecting stories, we will share a few snippets from each day on this blog, just a few short stories from the road and longer renditions when we can. Subscribe to the blog here. Join us on our journey on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.