It isnít even an innovation


The idea is pretty simple, it isnít even an innovation, but the zeal is real, very real and so is the need. We are a nation of a thousand million, problems aplenty and solutions few. Where are we going wrong? Is it the governments responsibility to solve everything? Do we have no role to play? But what if we do. And what if we could become change makers, but how? We do not have the government machinery behind us, but we have the whole community and there are people of influence who never fail to rise to the occasion when needed. So, letís take a step, letís look inwards and solve problems that there are to be solved. Letís explore, letís figure out things about this country and not wait for someone else to come and point them out for us. And if we have solutions, letís share them and guide others who might be wanting to change the world but donít know how.

Veditum is an attempt in this same direction, where the first step is to explore and see, to realize the existence of and to learn of the scope of problems at hand. A lot of organisations are attempting to and successfully creating change at various levels in the society, then where and why are we falling short? Why do we still have people with their problems invisible to our eyes, a growing distance from our local culture & heritage and an increased ignorance of the environment and our appalling treatment of it. So, as we head out to explore, not just to collect travel stories and experiences, but to learn of problems, to think of potential solutions, meeting people doing amazing work and creating a task force to take up problem solving, join us, become explorers, become innovators, become, change makers.

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