Veditum India Foundation is a research and media organization based out of Kolkata, India, working at the intersection of environment, culture and society. In Sanskrit, ‘Veditum’ means ‘to understand’. Through innovative methods in ground level research, documentation and use of media tools, stories of Indian environment and people are being brought to life. Our intent is to further amplify these stories, involve young Indians in this process and push for collective action where required.

Current Work

Our current work is centered on Indian rivers, and life in and around these rivers. With an aim to create publicly accessible records – ecological, anthropogenic, hydrological, social, and more contextual layers – of these spaces and people. We don’t claim these to be exhaustive records, but rather a starting point in a process that will witness additions of over time.To this end, we have engaged in both archival and grassroots level investigation.


Through different projects, individuals and teams have walked thousands of kilometers along entire lengths of multiple Indian rivers and also executed focused work on rivers flowing within Indian cities. Our projects include – Moving Upstream, City Water Walks, and Sand Mining Monitoring.

Our fellowship program with the Out of Eden Walk – part of the Moving Upstream project – supports field journeys, documentation work and post production for individuals keen on walking along Indian rivers to document them. In the years ahead, the fellowship program will be further expanded, more research walks will be undertaken along rivers and archives will be opened up for collaborative work.

The India Sand Watch project is part of our larger efforts towards environmental accountability work.

People at Veditum

Siddharth Agarwal
Director – Founder

Over the past 7 years, Siddharth has walked over 6000kms across India, along rivers and across them. He has designed & led all of Veditum’s projects since inception.

Siddharth is also a steering committee member at India Rivers Forum.

Kumar Anirvan
Researcher & Coordinator

Anirvan joined the Veditum team in September 2022, and his work is focussed on the India Sand Watch project.

Priyans Murarka

Priyans has been volunteering with us since 2016 with all programs & administrative work. He dedicates 1 day per week to Veditum.

He is also the co-founder of Active Buildings.

Contact us

Contact Info:

+ 91 8100170707

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