Moving Upstream

The ‘Moving Upstream’ series by Veditum is an attempt to document the rivers of India, bringing out first person narratives as well as large scale data archives on the river’s condition and life of the people of the basin. We hope to bring out this information to the public in an open and easily accessibly format.

It has been our founding endeavour to create opportunities for more young folks from across the country to undertake similar activities and experience the country at the grassroots. We started the Moving Upstream series with a project on the Ganga to understand and experiment with the idea of documentation as well as walking along a river.

Today, we’re happy to share that there are some opportunities now available for more folks to join us. The images below will take you to respective river project pages that house more information and links to detailed information as well as applications (where applicable).

Interested in this work? Know someone who will be interested? Please share this with them. The river you want to document is not on our list yet? Write to us and we will try to work something out. We are also looking to collaborate with artists, techies, research/media organisations, etc for our projects, and if this interests you in any manner please write to us.

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Documentary Film

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A view of the River Sindh near the village Sendhua, Ashooknagar, Madhya Pradesh.
Walking with River Sindh beyond its path
Gleaning stories from River Sindh
सिंध यात्रा : जिंदगी, आपदा और व्यवस्था से जद्दोजहद की अनसुनी कहानियां
Goats and herders (left) crossing the River Sindh. To the right is a bridge broken by floods of 2021
Finding the Overstory – River Sindh
Sindh: Across its banks and beyond
Photograph of the cover of the book - Along the Betwa
Along the Betwa – Radhika & Shail
Soundscape – Upstream along the Betwa
Betwa in Shade and Line
Along the Betwa – Part 11 (Final): Korona to Bandhauli
Along the Betwa – Part 10: Jamouri to Korona
Along the Betwa – Part 9: Basaria to Jamouri
Along the Betwa – Part 8: Rirua to Basaria
Along the Betwa – Part 7: Jalalpur to Rirua
Along the Betwa – Part 6: Douhal to Jalalpur
Monochrome image of a paddy field filled with water
Along the Betwa – Part 5: Kumhaupur to Douhal
Creativity and Flow along River Betwa
View of early morning mist over agricultural fields
Along the Betwa – Part 4: Chitanpur to Kumhaupur
Along the Betwa – Part 3: Badanpur to Chitanpur
Along the Betwa – Part 2: Kanpur to Badanpur
Along the Betwa – Part 1: Preface
Sunset photograph of River Betwa. A group of young men enjoy themselves on the river bank, the sky is a lilac colour and a temple stands on the side.
Seeing, feeling and discovering River Betwa and its people
Walking to River Betwa’s source – Moving Upstream
Birdwatching along the Betwa: Abundance threatened by Developmental Activities, Sand Mining
Moving Upstream: Betwa – Her people and their stories
Walking along the Betwa – Moving Upstream
Tracing origins – Walking along the Ken
A case for slowing down – Walking along rivers in India [TEDx Talk]
Press Release: Ken Yatra – Moving Upstream
Walking, Stopping, Painting – Moving Upstream: Ganga
Application call – Betwa – Moving Upstream
Moving Upstream : Betwa – Introduction
Tragedy of Media Errors – Ken Betwa River Linking Project
Walking across India as a Woman – Moving Upstream
Resting Spots – Walking across India – Moving Upstream
Finding shade – Walking across India – Moving Upstream
Open well in a river, the story of Semara
Ganga: Moving Upstream – Second Leg
The Price of Exclusivity
Walking from Varanasi to Allahabad: Moving Upstream
The Story of an Island – Part 2

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