City Water Walks

This project was born out of the desire to understand how the urban commons function and how are they affected by constant changes in governance and development. City Water Walks is aimed at mapping the urban water commons and borrows heavily from similar attempts by other curious individuals and organisations. We aim to be eventually contribute to smarter administrative and development decision making through our work.

The basic questions that we seek to address through this activity are: ‘Where does our water come from’, ‘Tracking the journey of this resource’ and ‘Where does our waste go?’.

Our journey started off with a recce along the Mithi river in Mumbai, where we established a few ground rules that matured with time. After reaching out through our networks, we were able to find interested individuals/ organisations in Ahmedabad and Chennai to take forward this idea in their respective cities, where we have conducted multiple Water Walks with our partners – Leher in Ahmedabad and Agam Sei in Chennai. We are currently in talks with individuals and organisations in Nagpur, Lucknow, Kolkata and other cities to start City Water Walks campaigns.

If you’re interested in participating or conducting such a walk in your city, please write to us at

City Water Walks Reports

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