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Veditum India Foundation is a non profit organisation based in Kolkata, registered as a section 8 company since 2016. Veditum is recognised under Section 80G(5)(vi) and Section 12AA of the Income Tax act 1961.

Our work over the past few years has managed to stay independent and aligned to the interests of the common people due to the support of our donors, volunteers and partners. Our supporters come in many forms. Some help us financially, allowing us to make decisions & explore radical ideas in our projects, while others open up their homes and lives to us when we’re on field.

Help us keep this work going, donate using the link below. (please note that Veditum cannot accept funds from outside India)

For Indian donors (individuals & organisations), 50% of the donated amount to Veditum can be deducted from their taxable income under section 80(G) of the IT Act 1961. You will be asked for your PAN number while making the donation.

You can make direct bank transfers too. Please drop a short email to and we’ll get back to you with our account details.

What does your donation go towards?

Walking, making records, documenting and producing stories, making films – all our work is designed to be simple and replicable. However, a significant amount of planning and administrative work goes into keeping everything in place.

Your donations help us keep boots on the ground, produce reports and stories, explore new ideas to address environmental & social issues and also fund fellowships that have taken the voices of communities across the globe.

If you have any questions, please write to

Volunteer with us

If our work excites you but you’re not able to make a donation, why not volunteer with us? Write to and we’ll take it forward from there.

Our partners

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