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The Ganga basin accounts for 26% of the Indian land mass and serves 40% of the country’s population. With the importance that this river basin holds in the country, it was clear that we needed to start from the obvious – the main stem of River Ganga and then work towards getting the forgotten into the mainstream.

As part of our Moving Upstream: Ganga project, we walked along the river Ganga for almost 3000kms, from the ocean to the mountains, while capturing a very personal narrative of the Ganga and stories of the people who affect and are affected by it. This was the first in a series of research and documentation journeys that we have undertaken along different rivers of India.

Our walk along the Ganga was crowdfunded in many ways. By the online community and friends through 2 crowdfunding campaigns, by different partners who find mention later on in this page, through different artists and experts who have offered their valuable time and skills to this project, and most of all through the generosity of the riparian community of River Ganga.

The project has resulted in many different outcomes – articles, photo stories, video stories, advocacy work, education, community engagement, a documentary film and more. A glimpse of some of this can be seen below.

Documentary Film

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Media Coverage

Since the time that we launched this project, we’ve been spoken about in the media a few times. Here are a few links (click on the images to open stories):


We’ve been able to share our learnings through different mediums to reach out to a wider audience, links to some of the articles below (click on the images to get to the stories):

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