India Sand Watch

India Sand Watch (ISW) is an open-data project by Veditum India Foundation, built in partnership with Ooloi Labs, and supported by Rainmatter Foundation.

India Sand Watch is enabling collection, annotation & archiving of data related to sand mining in India. We’re building collaborations and capacity for research, and for actors to take action. The platform is designed to fulfill two main functions:

  1. Act as a public facing archive of all sand mining related activity in India – news articles, survey reports, guidelines, tender documents, legal proceedings.
  2. Offer a platform and format for users to document instances of sand mining across India in the form of case files, link the case files to the different documents mentioned above (and more).

This comprehensive database can then be used by individuals or collectives to monitor this activity pan India. The platform will also enable connections across geographies, between people who may be able to create larger impact / change or even a simple change in their own lives, by working together.

See below for a list of organisations involved in this project in various capacities. If you’d like to associate with the India Sand Watch project, please email

Contact Info:
+ 91 8100170707

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