Understanding Bihar Floods 2021 – Simplifying Official Information

As part of our continuing efforts to understand floods and flood governance in Bihar, through this series of infographics we have attempted to make official information comprehensible on Bihar’s foods in 2021.

This information was first published by the Disaster Management Department (DMD), Govt. of Bihar on October 18, 2021. The department had tweeted about the actions taken by the department during 2021 floods. This infographic has sourced all information from DMD’s tweet.

In 2021, Bihar experienced floods in four phases. A total of 294 blocks in 34 districts were flood affected, impacting a population of 79.31 lakh people

A total of 88 flood relief camps were organized; 4956 community kitchens were in operation, and about 2 crore 40 lakh people meals were provided (2021)

Till October 18, 2021, about 4,46,377 flood affected families were given gratuity relief (GR) amounting to Rs. 867.83 crore. The remaining 450,000 families (eligible) were to be paid the GR after completion of the formalities by 25 October 2021

A total of Rs 2 crore 40 lakh was paid to the near relatives of the 60 people who died due to floods (2021)

About 6.64 lakh hectares of crops under various districts were damaged due to floods. And Rs. 902.08 crore was approved by the state government for payment of agricultural input grant to the affected farmers (2021)

Nearly 4.41 lakh hectares (ha) of agricultural land remained fallow due to non-harvest due to floods and water logging. For the payment of agricultural input subsidy to the concerned farmers, Rs 96.03 crore was approved by the state government (2021)

A total of Rs 28.40 lakh was paid to the owners of the 95 animals who died during floods as ex-gratia grant (2021)

An amount of Rs 300 crore was provided to Water Resources Department by Disaster Management Department for the repair of damaged embankments. Apart from this, for the flood prevention work Rs 283 crore was spent by the Water Resources Department

A total of 49 National Disaster Response Force and 17 State Disaster Response Force teams were deployed for relief and rescue work during 2021 floods in Bihar

Roads were damaged on a large scale in various districts due to floods in 2021. Repair work was being carried out while the information was shared on October 18 by the Disaster Management Department’s twitter handle

This infographic has been developed as part of the Bihar flood monitoring initiative of Megh Pyne Abhiyan and Veditum India Foundation

See more information related to Bihar Floods 2021 on our website here and mirrored on Megh Pyne Abhyan’s website here. Follow the hashtag #BiharFloods2021 on social media.

Infographics designed by Ashwini Hiremath (Krantinaari)

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