Chennai City Water Walks – The Canal Tale

  Can you imagine a city of villages? How would it be to have a cluster of villages with the right amount of open spaces, right amount of built and the water in the purest form? Well, Chennai or more aptly – Madras was one such utopian idea before urbanisation stole its innocence to makeContinue reading “Chennai City Water Walks – The Canal Tale”

Ahmedabad City WaterWalks – Of Water, Birds and Beings

(This is a guest blog by Dipani Sutaria and Renu Desai with inputs from Mansi Shah and Vrushti Mawani, who are taking the lead for the Ahmedabad leg of our City Water Walks initiative) Maps and graphics by Mansi Shah.

Ahmedabad City WaterWalks – Sabarmati beyond the Barrage

(This is a guest blog by Vrushti Mawani with inputs from Renu Desai, Dipani Sutaria & Mansi Shah, who are taking the lead for the Ahmedabad leg of our City Water Walks initiative.) Maps by Mansi Shah The Ahmedabad Water Walks were hosted in October 2016 Ahmedabad’s history, including its settlement as a ‘city’ in the earlyContinue reading “Ahmedabad City WaterWalks – Sabarmati beyond the Barrage”

City Water Walks Mumbai

The first edition of the Mumbai walks saw us visiting Powai lake as permissions for our visit planned for Vihar lake didn’t come through. Conducted with the support of Sanctuary Asia and led by Dr. Parvish Pandya, we learnt a great deal about the situation in Mumbai. The History Mumbai is a city that was found inContinue reading “City Water Walks Mumbai”

Chennai City Water Walks

(This is a guest post by Prithvi Mahadevan, who is taking the lead for the Chennai leg of our City Water Walks initiative.)   I was strolling on one of the beaches in Chennai, when Akshay got in touch with me and presented me with the wonderful idea of ‘City Water Walks’ and ‘Moving Upstream’. It all seemed bizarre to me then,Continue reading “Chennai City Water Walks”

City Walks – An Introduction

(This is a guest post by Akshay Roongta) Hello! As I begin writing this post, Siddharth has just hit the road again after a brief hiatus. He’s making his way through Bihar at the moment. The idea of this post, is to introduce city walks, a format that we’re developing to create a tangible wayContinue reading “City Walks – An Introduction”

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