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Sagar Island – June 6th 2016 – Veditum India Foundation announces the start of Moving Upstream, an almost 3000km walk along the length of the Ganges, starting from the sink at Sagar Island in West Bengal to the source at Tapovan in Uttarakhand, tracing in reverse the main stem of the river that supports over 400 million people in the Indo-Gangetic plains, almost poetic with the idea of going from dirty to pristine. The walk, is being undertaken independently by Siddharth Agarwal. A team from Digital Nerve will be helping in filming a documentary and capturing photographs. A Veditum fellow who is working on multi-sector research, is accompanying to collect field stories.

We will be recording real life experiences of people and the vivid sounds of nature, documenting success stories and that of distress related to the river, collecting social & scientific data and bringing out a first person narrative of the river as a co-living entity, if not the protagonist that it is. The route followed can be found here []

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The idea is to use research in vivid ways to capture the attention of the audience and speak to them of the state of affairs, not just qualitatively but quantitatively as well. The project provides a platform to collect data for environmental research being conducted across the nation in various institutes. From pictures to films to songs to comic sketches to data collection and numerical results, there’s something that everyone can make out of this.

We are partnering with several organisations for various aspects of the walk.


This message goes out to any organisation or individual that can and wishes to participate/help us in any of these sectors, in exchange of our understanding on the field and prominent space provision as partners/mentors/associations/sponsors in all our collateral for the project.

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