Call For Action – Volunteers and Organisations

Fisherman on the Ganges

Call for Action – Volunteers and Organisations

I’m happy to introduce you to our ongoing project, a 4 month walk along the main branch of the River Ganga, roughly 3000 kilometres, Moving Upstream. We thought it would be exciting to connect/collaborate with interested organisations and individuals to utilise this platform as an opportunity for collective action. Details below.

Are you an organisation/individual living along the route? Here’s how can you help:

  1. By giving us shelter for a night or two. We won’t take much space, promise!
  2. Unable to host? We are looking to meet you and hear your local stories/issues and how has your life changed over the years due to changes in the river Ganga. You could probably talk to a few people, elders, who have stayed near the river for their entire life and introduce us to them. We too would love to talk to them and hear their stories about the river.
  3. Know anyone whose work is involved with the river, we would love to talk to them.
  4. Want to help volunteer for this research? We will be collecting lot of data along the river, from the river, other water sources and on occupations/lives of people living near to the river.
  5. We are also looking for enthusiastic people who want to be part of the crew, have driven long (highway) distances in the past and would want to drive the crew car for a few weeks. Exciting? Write to us ASAP!

If you aren’t anywhere near the route we are taking, then you could help us in a couple of other ways:

  1. You could connect us to various R&D facilities who would be interested to collect various types of data along the river Ganga.
  2. You could connect us to organizations who are active in water space, and environmental research.
  3. You could share about this on your social network and talk to your friends about this project and the need for moving upstream.
  4. You can reach out to us if you would like to contribute financially


Excited to have you on board soon, Cheers!

Siddharth Agarwal
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